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About The Witchfinder

"Something about Eric's surreal, joke-laden take on witchfinding captures the imagination"
-Charles Gustine, host of Iconography

Historically, there was no Witchfinder General in Salem of 1692. The title of "Witchfinder General" was created about fifty years earlier by a man named Matthew Hopkins in England. Eric is not portraying the Witchfinder, just a Witchfinder. So why use the title at all?

1) Catchy name

2) Mathew Hopkins gave himself the title but was not officially recognized by any governmental authority. Eric is licensed by the city of Salem making him the worlds first and only legally recognized Witchfinder so in a way...he really is the Witchfinder!

Although there was no Witchfinder in Salem of 1692, there were men who did believe they could tell who was a witch. Reverand Hale, for example, was not a witchfinder exactly, but he was invited to Salem early on to look for signs of witchcraft. It may seem hard to believe since 20 people died as a direct result of the Salem Witch Trials, but the judges in Salem's trials were far more restrained than Matthew Hopkins. His "trials" are believed to have been responsible for the murder of hundreds.

As The Witchfinder of Salem, Eric Dwinnells is far less sinister than any of his historical predecessors. He may sentence you to die, but you'll walk away in one piece and you'll have fun pictures for your Instagram!

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