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"Eric Dwinnells, you are great"
-Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller

The Salem Witch Trials have fascinated the world for over three hundred years. Eric Dwinnells, actor and amateur historian, is ready to share his passion for the true history of The Salem Witch Trials with your school or group. Discover the events that ignited the witch hysteria. Learn about the lives of some of the trials key players. Separate fact from fiction in The Crucible and learn how the events of 1692 are remembered in Salem today!

Eric is the host of the paranormal/true crime podcast Spooky A S and the actor who portrays The Witchfinder General of Salem Massachusetts. In his dynamic and interactive presentation, he steps out of his Witchfinder persona and attempts to answer many burning questions about the witch trials and displays hand-made recreations of authentic witch trial artifacts. 

Ideal for schools, libraries, theater groups or anybody with a love of history. The presentation is designed to run approximately forty-five minutes with time left for attendees to ask questions and examine/take pictures with historic replicas and props.

Available year round. Don't wait! Book your event today!

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